According to Adrian Tonon , third generation restaurateur, and son of founders Rina and the late Adriano Tonon. "Breaking bread is one of the most powerful tools in life." Food brings people together and for members of Cafe Cortina it is a catalyst to making a positive difference in other peoples lives. Chefs, restaurateurs and foodies need to create awareness that 'we can help' and we can change the world with food. When you're in the hospitality industry, you touch one person at a time, but we all need to challenge ourselves to touch those out side the restaurant.

Lunchtime at Cafe Cortina one can often see gatherings of community minded people together at a corner table discussing solutions to area issues. Between courses of house made pasta's, fresh salads and savory main courses, bonds and alliances are formed, action plans are created and and people are united for a common purpose to do good work. From addressing Detroits progress, to providing education to children on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits, 'serving others' is taken very seriously by all at Cafe Cortina.

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