Cafe Cortina

Located in an Italian countryside vineyard setting in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In its nearly four decade long history, Café Cortina has consistently strived to be more than just a restaurant. Founded on the site of a former apple orchard in 1976 by the Tonon family, Café Cortina started out as a “best kept secret” restaurant that has turned into a foodie destination. Passion for people, 'true' Italian flavors, genuine hospitality, and an inspired philosophy of making a positive difference in their local community and beyond is what drives all at Cafe Cortina each and every day.

Chef Ernesto

Chef Ernesto first learned the importance of cooking with fresh ingredients from his Abuela (grandmother) when he was 13 years old. The early experiences sparked his interest in the culinary arts, and he entered the restaurant business at 15 as a prep cook.

He went on to Schoolcraft College to study culinary arts. He then attended the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park New York with some of the Country's current top chefs. The experience in New York helped further shape his passion for, and view of cooking.

It was when he met the owners of Cafe Cortina, the Tonon's that he recognized a shared passion for fresh ingredients, high quality food, and a desire to make the diners experience top - notch. He was placed at the helm of Cafe | Cortina and truly appreciates the Tonon's receptiveness to his menu idea's, including the highly anticipated theme dinners.

Chef Antopia credits the support of his family for allowing him to ascend to his current position with Cafe | Cortina.


Chef Ernesto Cafe | Cortina

""Urban Hideaway""
- Detroit News

"Elegant laid back eatery"
- Mlive

"One of America's Fifty Most Romantic Restaurants"